Blackshear/O.L. Price Ex-Students Association

The Mighty, Mighty Panthers

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The Blackshear/O. L. Price Ex-Student Association welcome you to the land and home of the Mighty, Mighty Panthers……Taylor, Texas.

1881– 1969

The journey began in 1881 and ended in 1969 when the final phase of integration brought about the closing of this public school campus and a New Life in the Blackshear/O. L. Price Ex-Student Association (1984 – Present) a membership organization of the Taylor community serving as an alma mater for the ex-students of Blackshear/O. L. Price and Eastside School.  In the words of the late Superintendent T. H. Johnson (1947-1966) “The history of this school should be recorded and made available to the citizens of Taylor”…not knowing in this day of advanced technology not only the citizens of Taylor but the whole world will now witness history made and history in the making as we journey preserving the history and memory of a legacy that is no longer because our children have now closed a gap in this part of our ancestors walk as they crossed the bridge of segregation into the land of integration and recording history in the making through the many activities and projects the Association work on daily educating the community about the significant roles and contributions of Taylor’s African –Americans in the development of the city and our nation as well as uniting the community through our many activities we host and through our participation in the many events sponsored by others in a place we call home……Taylor, Texas.

Let the Journey Begin

To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die”

Dr. James Lee Dickey



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